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Themed Entertainment

Creating experiences for all demographics:

All projects shown are accompanied by a Herculean amount of research and development- each project has clear intent, and every detail has its own individual purpose that ensures continuity and immersion among the guest's journey into the storyline.

Trinidad Conservation Center

Trinidad Conservation Center is the product of a ten week senior project meant to showcase how guest care and experiences can be seamlessly implemented with animal interactions that provide to be sustainable and viable for all. With 50 pages of research into animal care, ambassador animals, rescue, rehabilitation & release, progressive technology, renewable energy, statistical numbing, and pseudoinefficacy, this project represents ethically sourced themed entertainment that combines with education and conservation to create the ultimate conscientious experience. 

Expedition Apollo

Expedition Apollo is a Theme Park centered on what reality could look like in 2,000 years with each area themed towards exploring a different society. Each land is accompanied with clear research that drives the story and diligent case studies into guest interactions with similar subject matter. 

Hearing that an alien attack is imminent, Earthlings all board a cryochamber allowing them to lay dormant during the attack. Due to a miscalculation, the Earthlings wake up 2,000 years later to find that the galaxy has evolved into a multi-planetary society with each planet having its own complex culture that takes after the very Gods they are named after. Find death-defying drops on Mars, weightless rides on Venus, icy underground caverns on Neptune, and a warped and overgrown Earth!

Logo Credit: Caz Ngo Shuang Hwi

New Gotham: Poison Ivy Inspired Dark Ride

On a cold and stormy night with the wind howling and lightning striking, the villains of Gotham made their Arkham escape. They descended on the city of Gotham with vengeance in their eyes and domination in their hearts. With no salvation in sight, the city, now descended into madness, is now ruled by the most heinous characters that the citizens of New Gotham can imagine. Set on purifying New Gotham, Poison Ivy uses her powers of seduction and manipulation to take over the Wayne Mansion where she entices citizens to visit & tempt their fate. 


Citizens of New Gotham: watch out as you explore this city… if you don’t bend, you’ll break.

Project Juneau

Project Juneau is the proposed design for a new conservation center located in Juneau, Alaska. The new center, in the shape of a pier, is meant to replace the need for whale boat tours that can increase noise pollution in Auke Bay that deters whales from their usual breeding ground. The center operates two levels: an observation deck on the top complete with a seal rehabilitation exhibit, and a lower level located underneath the water's surface that provides a deeper look at Alaskan wildlife through projections in addition to observation.

The Pollinator Project

The Pollinator Project, done in partnership with Puffin Foundation West, details plans for an interactive museum exhibit that is meant to highlight conservation efforts of keystone species that helps society be what it is today. The exhibit highlights different species of bees, but also acknowledges unconventional pollinators such as bats, birds, and butterflies. Each pollinator is given their own room with interactive activities tailored specifically to them, and a clear progression from problems to solutions are given so guests of all demographics can all pull something away from the experience. 

Happy Gilmore Inspired Dark Ride

Meant as a quick exercise, this project explores how to accurately and thoughtfully place story beats within an attraction. Using the movie Happy Gilmore and placed over a pre-existing track layout, this simple concept explores theming and color options as well as sightlines and timing.

Forrest Gump Museum Exhibit

Given the prompt of renovating a pre-existing museum exhibit, this project reimagines the Savannah History Museum's exhibit of the famous bench used in Forrest Gump. Being that this movie was filmed in Savannah, this exhibit hold great value for the city and its unique place in the film industry. While the changes may seem small, this project serves as an example of how Themed Entertainment can be applied on a smaller level that engages guests while still respecting the museum and its budget.

Oakland Zoo Simplification & Remodeling 

As a quick exercise, this simple project breaks down the complex nature of master planning. Using the Oakland Zoo, this exercise takes the labyrinthine nature of certain spots within the zoo and attempts to reconfigure the exhibits and facilities in a way that accounts for both the guest's experience as well as the animals involved.

The Little Blue Whale Museum Exhibit

Done to honor Don Bluth's unreleased film The Little Blue Whale, this museum exhibit design represents a deep dive into the educational impacts of Themed Entertainment. Exploring a specific demographic and aligning it with educational goals of local schools, this exhibit details what forms accessibility can take by presenting information in different ways to provide an immersive experience to a wide range of families and kids, including neurodivergent children. 

'Comb' Traveling Kiosk

This small Kiosk, modeled in Rhino and rendered in Keyshot, showcases a small interactive, temporary experience that is meant to travel to different museums and gardens throughout the Southeast and spread awareness of Honey Bee conservation. Complete with a flower market with descriptions of the different types of honey made from each, different types of honey on tap, a window to purchase honey and merchandise with proceeds going to different non-profits, and an interactive stand that contains general facts, the trailer serves as a one-stop shop for all things bee! 

Trade Show Booth

Designed for an interior design company, this trade show booth showcases how an interactive experience can come in different forms. Although this model is a complex take on a traditional show booth, it shows the endless possibilities of what can be done in the confines of a 24' x 24' area. Modeled in Rhino, Rendered in Keyshot.

Pageant Set

Designed for an imaginative movie, this movie set is meant to mimic the huge houses located in Charleston, South Carolina. The set was modeled in Rhino and rendered in Keyshot and is meant to showcase a pageant setting. The imaginary movie is a satirical take on Antebellum themed pageants, and is recreating that sense of historic feel within the design.

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